What are common electrical problems in furnaces?

What are common electrical problems in furnaces?

What are common electrical problems in furnaces?Fall has arrived and soon the overnight lows will be getting very chilly. Before the temperatures drop significantly, you'll want to make sure that your furnace is ready to keep you nice and toasty. At the first indication of furnace trouble, you'll want to call in an experienced HVAC professional who can promptly diagnose and fix the problem. Here's a look at seven common furnace electrical problems.

Faulty Starting Capacitor

When a starting capacitor fails, intermittent electrical issues can result. This issue can typically be resolved easily and at a low cost.

Clogged Filter

Your furnace filter should be replaced at some point between three and twelve months, depending on its thickness. Typically, thicker filters don't need to be changed as often as thinner ones. When a furnace filter becomes fully clogged, a fuse could burn out, which could consequently pose a fire hazard.

Bad Blower Motor

A blower motor that draws too much power can cause a fuse to blow, in which case the motor will likely need replacement.

Contact with Water

If water is leaking around the furnace, then a short may ensue.

Loose Wire

When a furnace vibrates, its internal wires may get knocked loose. In some cases, it can be challenging to identify the bad wire, but it's typically an easy fix once the relevant wire is located.

Wrong Kind of Fuse

If a fuse has been installed that is too small for the unit, it should promptly be replaced with one that can handle the system's capacity.

Dirty Fuse

Dirty HVAC fuses may be unable to create proper connections. By scheduling annual or semi-annual HVAC maintenance, you can be confident that your unit is always operating with the proper type of clean fuses.

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Posted: October 17, 2020

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