Ways to Optimize Your AC System's Efficiency

Ways to Optimize Your AC System's Efficiency

With the Texas heat still scorching, it's crucial that your home's AC system is functioning optimally. With an AC system that is operating inefficiently, your home may be uncomfortably hot and your energy bills could climb right along with the thermometer. By taking certain measures, you can help to ensure that your AC system is functioning with maximum efficiency. Professional HVAC maintenance can be very helpful with boosting your AC system's performance and reliability. At Trophy AC, our experienced HVAC technicians are experts at maintaining and repairing air conditioning systems. If you have reason to believe that your AC isn't working like it should, we can show up quickly and take care of the problem.

Tips for Maximizing AC Efficiency

On your programmable thermostat, you'll want to make sure that your AC is only running when needed and kept at a temperature that is comfortably cool, rather than actually chilly. And it's not worth trying to make your home cool down faster by setting your thermostat especially low. This will only make your AC run for a longer period of time. After you've determined the optimal setting for your thermostat, it's best to just leave it there for the long-term. If you continuously adjust it, then you could bring about recurring on/off cycles that decrease efficiency and comfort.

You can also boost AC efficiency by sealing up parts of your home that could let air pass to/from the outdoors. It's smart to check around your home's windows and doors, as well as up in your attic. If air is leaking, it will be more difficult for your AC system to efficiently cool down your home. Also, when your AC is on, it's best to close all windows, as well as exterior doors. And by closing your curtains over your windows, you'll decrease solar heat gain, allowing your AC to do its job more easily.

Another way to improve AC efficiency is to keep your outdoor condenser under shade, though you will want to keep plants at least two feet away. The free flow of cool air around your condenser will help your AC system function optimally.

HVAC Maintenance in San Antonio

When you need AC service in San Antonio, contact Trophy AC at (210) 880-0451. Our local HVAC company can expertly complete any type of AC maintenance or repair that you need. Feel free to give us a call today to schedule an appointment for any of your residential or commercial AC needs!

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Posted: August 14, 2021

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