Common Signs that Your Furnace May Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

Common Signs that Your Furnace May Need to Be Repaired or Replaced

Common Signs that Your Furnace May Need to Be Repaired or ReplacedWith nighttime temperatures turning quite chilly, you'll want to make sure that your furnace is fully capable of keeping you toasty. A faulty furnace can lead to a waste of both energy and money. As soon as you suspect trouble with your furnace, you'll want to have an experienced HVAC specialist come over and inspect the matter. Here's a look at six common signs of furnace trouble.

Old Age

So long as your furnace has been well-maintained, it should last for at least 15-20 years. But if it's older than this, even if it's still working OK, it could be time to start budgeting for a replacement.

Struggles to Get Warm

You might need furnace replacement if you can no longer turn it up a few notches and quickly warm up the room.

Humidity Problems

A buildup of condensation could be occurring because of furnace trouble. In such a scenario, you'll want to promptly call in an HVAC expert so that the moisture issue doesn't cause any costly trouble.

Increased Electric Bills

Although a variety of issues in your home could lead to a higher electric bill, one possible culprit is a faulty furnace.

Unequal Heat Distribution

When heat is distributed unevenly, there could be significant energy wastage if empty spaces get warmed up while occupied rooms stay chilly.

Keeps Needing Repairs

There comes a point when it makes more financial sense to replace your furnace instead of continuing to pour money into it.

If you're in need of furnace repair or replacement, be sure to get in touch with a reputable specialist. For furnace repair in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, and Kirby, TX, the experts to contact are at Trophy AC at (210) 880-0451. Feel free to give Trophy AC a call today for any of your residential or commercial HVAC needs!

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