6 Fun Facts about HVAC Systems

6 Fun Facts about HVAC Systems

6 Fun Facts about HVAC SystemsIt's understandable if your only concern with your HVAC system is that it efficiently keeps your home's air comfortable and healthy. But there are actually a number of fascinating stories to be told about HVAC systems. Here's a look at six interesting HVAC facts.

The First Air-Conditioned Car Was Not a Hit

In 1939, the first air-conditioned car, a Packard, became available to the public. But due to the fact that the AC unit took up nearly half its trunk space, it wasn't very popular.

AC in the White House

In 1929, air conditioning came to the White House. President Hoover had it installed the same year that the stock market crashed. In the years since, certain presidents have preferred to turn off the AC and keep the White House hot, including FDR and Barack Obama, who enjoyed warm temperatures that made the Oval Office feel like his childhood home in Hawaii.

Propelled the Summer Blockbuster

Movie theaters were one of the first major industries to widely use air conditioning. This helped to bring about the "summer blockbusters" that we've enjoyed in theaters over the years.

Continental Differences

In the United States, we use more energy just on air conditioning than all of Africa uses for all purposes combined.

Investors Keeping their Cool

The first building outfitted with modern air conditioning was the New York Stock Exchange. Back in 1902, Wall Street traders became the first workers that used AC to help them stay cool under pressure.

A Way to Bring Back Year-Round School?

It's widely believed that schools started having summer break so kids could help their parents in the fields. However, the bigger reason for taking a summer break is that urban classrooms got too hot for productive learning. Because AC wasn't yet invented, it was decided that schools would take the summers off.

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Posted: November 15, 2020

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