Is it time to replace my home's air conditioner?

Is it time to replace my home's air conditioner?

Is it time to replace my home's air conditioner?Spring is once again upon us and soon the Texas sun will start to cook the landscape. Before the thermometer skyrockets, you'll want to make sure that your home's AC unit is prepared to keep you reliably cool. If your current unit is showing any signs of trouble, it'll be worthwhile to have a reputable HVAC professional come by to conduct an inspection. Here's a look at five signs that you need to replace your home's air conditioner.

No Cold Air

This could simply be an indication that your ducts/vents need a thorough cleaning. However, this could also be a symptom of a mechanical issue that should be remedied by an HVAC expert.

Often Needs Repair

It's good practice to schedule annual maintenance service for your home's AC unit. But if the unit needs to be regularly repaired in addition to maintenance, then it could be time to invest in a replacement.

Higher Utility Bill

As an AC unit starts to fail, there's a good chance that it is going to suck up more power in its attempt to keep the house cool. Instead of paying for increasing house bills, you can instead invest in an energy-efficient model.

Continuously Running

When an AC unit continues to run, then it's likely on its descent toward failure. An HVAC professional can perform diagnostics and see if it is indeed time to cut the cord and invest in a new unit.

Old Age

It's possible for some AC units to function strongly for more than ten years. However, after a decade, there's a good chance that your unit is operating at suboptimal efficiency, potentially causing an increase in your utility expenditures.

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